Great Web Design & Marketing Starts with Great Copywriting

Great Reading PA Web Design Starts With Great CopywritingThose of us in web design, web marketing, and social media marketing would do well to consider the goal of our efforts.  As the ancient writer explained 3000 years ago, “There is nothing new under the sun.”  But wait, you say, technology is changing so fast that it takes daily attention just to keep up with the breathless, dizzying pace of change. Granted, but when it comes to human nature, there really is nothing new, is there? We have the same basic emotional and psychological desires and needs that we had 3000 years ago. Although the methods and technologies for pursuing them have evolved, our underlying needs and basic human nature have remained unchanged throughout history. We still want to be confident we’re making the right purchasing decisions; we want to know that the person or company we’re dealing with has our best interest in mind and has the right product or service to meet our needs.

Write your copy before starting your web designThat’s why writing great copy should be the first priority in any web design or web marketing effort. Great copy is the bedrock of communication and persuasion, and the key to delivering a convincing message to an increasingly sophisticated buyer. Therefore, as marketers it is smart to first determine the main goal and core message of each marketing effort, including each page of our web design and each section within each page, in an effort to increase our chances for success.

With the message firmly established we can then design the website, web page, landing page, email content, or other online or printed content around a clear message and goal. The final product is then likely to contain a more cohesive, integrated design that feels right, looks right, and gets results.

Let’s break it down. First, the effort to create compelling, clearly communicated, persuasive copy forces us to think about what we are trying to accomplish. I don’t know about you, but my best results have usually come by following the principle of “beginning at the beginning”, and when we’re charging for our services or time, I think we owe that to our clients, don’t you?

Question: What is the beginning?

Answer: Clearly defining the goal we want to achieve

In designing websites and marketing campaigns for businesses and other organizations, the goal we’re trying to achieve is often to persuade someone to take a specific action, such as:

  • buy a product or service
  • complete a form to capture contact or other information
  • refer us to others
  • participate in our blog or other social media activities
  • donate
  • request, access, or download additional information
  • click here

Getting clear on our goal or series of goals helps us to properly set our design priorities.  Gaining clarity and agreement on those priorities builds trust with the client, and, best of all, helps ensure our efforts will achieve the client’s intended result.

Target your Reading PA Web Design effort only after completing your copy writingWith our goals clearly stated and prioritized we are now ready to create what I refer to as an “informational wireframe”, a general page structure not in terms of physical layout, but in the hierarchy and flow of information, words, and thought. As any good copywriter knows, there is a flow and structure that begins with an attention-getting headline and generally leads to a call to action. Often a given web page will have multiple sub-messages and calls to action, but nevertheless, these should each be developed and articulated before designing the physical layout.

Finally, the website’s graphical design and physical layout are much easier to develop if the designer first has the above elements in hand. This leads to formulating graphics and an overall page structure that is well-integrated with the message, yielding a design that is much more likely to feel right, look right, and get results. And that’s what we’re all after.

Want to achieve a great web design and solid web marketing results? Start with great copywriting.

Reading PA Web Design Firms – How to Pick the Right One?

Choose a Reading PA Web Design Firm WiselyAlthough Reading, PA is not a large city, it is home to a surprising number of web design firms. So how can a business owner in Reading or the surrounding areas of Lancaster, Allentown, Philadelphia and Harrisburg be sure to select the right web design company? Let’s face it – many business owners have legitimate concerns about throwing money down a technological black hole while chasing the elusive sales and marketing goals their website should be designed to support!  The deeply high-tech nature of today’s web design tools and methodologies can easily get the business owner lost in a fog of techno-babble when the web design conversation focuses on  technology instead of results.

With that caveat in mind, here are some things to consider when selecting a web design company:
#1 – The Web Design Discussion Should be Centered on Your Business Needs

In short, it’s all about you, so start by seeking a web design partner who truly seeks to understand your business, your challenges, and your needs.

Head for the exit if the Web Design discussion is primarily about technologyIf the discussion is focused on technology, or how great their web design firm is then run away fast! Why? Because otherwise you risk hiring someone whose goal is technology-oriented instead of solution-oriented.  Seek someone whose goal is to thoroughly understand your business and how your current online presence measures up against your competitors in order to establish a baseline, serving as a starting point for determining what it will take to meet your web design goals.

#2 – Choose Someone Who Will Help Set the Right Web Design Goals

Once your web design partner has a thorough understanding of your business needs, the challenges you face, and the strength of your online competitors, the next step is to clearly determine what you want your new or upgraded website to accomplish, and which things have the highest priority.
For example, are you trying to:

  • Create a more professional image
  • Present products and services in a compelling format
  • Develop a new graphic design look to leverage in other advertising activities
  • Explain your products or services in greater detail, possibly using video or downloadable files
  • Develop new leads and customers
  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Sell products through an online store
  • Capture email addresses and contact information as the basis for a lead nurturing campaign
  • Increase brand awareness by integrating your website with a blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, photo-sharing site, or other social media


#3 – Choose Someone Who Can Identify the Costs and Benefits of Multiple Web Design Options

Invest wisely in web designAs anyone in business knows, any significant financial outlay should occur only after a thorough and honest assessment of the costs and benefits of various investment options.  Your website and the business activities associated with it represent possibly the most important marketing and advertising investment your company can make.  Choose someone who speaks the language of business, someone who can help you determine the proper level of investment not just in developing your website, but in using it to grow and market your business.  In the end it’s all about leveraging your website to help accomplish your long-term goals, so it’s wise to invest accordingly.
#4 – Choose a Web Design Firm Who Can Grow With You

As your business grows your web design firm should be able to grow with you.  Resist the temptation to focus solely on minimizing your initial web design costs. Hiring a college student or any individual or firm who will not be with you for the long run simply to minimize initial costs is a short-sighted approach that will come back to haunt you.  You need a firm who will be there to make ongoing improvements to your website over time, keeping you ahead of your competition while adapting to your changing business needs.
#5 – Choose a Web Design Firm Who Can Help Formulate a Long-Term Web Marketing Strategy

Select a web design firm who can grow with your businessYour website should be viewed as one important piece of an integrated sales and marketing strategy.  Make sure your web design partner is interested in and capable of helping you develop an Internet marketing strategy to leverage your website to achieve your broader sales and marketing goals.  The web marketing competitive landscape is getting more challenging by the day. Look for a strategic partner who can help your company compete and win!

Target Your Audience Like Never Before with Facebook Ads!

Did you know that Facebook allows you to target your Facebook ads with unparalleled accuracy?  Utilizing up to 11 profile attributes from information provided by Facebook users when setting up their Facebook accounts, your ads can be targeted to display only to those Facebook accounts who most closely match your criteria. For example, you can pinpoint your ads to people in a given city by age, sex, education, etc.  In addition, you can elect to pay only when your ad is actually clicked.   Watch for more posts in the days ahead for details on how to compete and win with Facebook ads.

Here’s To Your Web Marketing, Social Media Marketing, & Web Design Success!

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