Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing (SMM), also known as Social Influence Marketing (SIM), leverages the attention and efforts of your customers, fans, and followers to help market your products and services to their friends, family, and associates via today’s social media. In turn, your message may then be passed along to the next level in the social network (to friends of friends), again via social media.

This requires engaging your audience with continuously new information, or content, and distributing that content through various social media, including blogs, video and photo-sharing sites, and key social sites like Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter, among others.

In addition to multiplying your marketing efforts as described above, social media can be a great way to increase the bond customers feel with your company, which in turn leads to customer loyalty and increased referrals. For more information please see our blog post: Social Media Marketing & Bonding: Turning Clients Into Friends.

Smart Social Media Marketing Services to Grow Your Business

Is Creating New Content Worthwhile?

While creating and sharing content can be very time consuming, even downright exhausting, if done well the results can be amazing not only for their social sharing value, but also for their search engine optimization value! In fact, your social media campaign can develop a life of its own, resulting in your message being “multiplied” as it is shared and re-shared through countless social networks, a process known as “going viral” when it achieves an extensive audience.

Fortunately, there are ways to greatly reduce the time required to create and distribute content. We can help you succeed with our social media marketing services:

  • Creating your social media platform (blog, Facebook or Google+ page, Twitter account, etc.), and then branding your social media assets for a cohesive customer experience across all social media platforms
  • Helping you create and distribute content (content marketing)
  • Training your employees on ways to create and distribute content, and on ways to promote your business within their own social networks
  • Integrating your blog into a network that will re-post your blogging content to other social media with links back to your website, thereby multiplying the impact of each blog post

Make Your Efforts Count by Keeping it Simple

There are almost endless social media channels available; however, we recommend initially focusing your efforts on a few high-impact social media channels to save time and help ensure a good return on your investment, in this order:

Company blog
Company Facebook or Google+ page
Company Twitter account
Company YouTube channel
Company photo-sharing account

A solid strategy combined with consistent, well-informed and integrated efforts across the above primary social media platforms is likely to yield very strong results, and is an excellent way to get started.

Company Blog

Your blog should serve as the HUB for virtually all your social media marketing activities, housing the bulk of your written content and linking to and sharing content with your other social media platforms.

We can design your blog to automatically update your Facebook & Twitter pages, and to send an RSS news feed to your website and to other websites. Your blog should feature content from your video and photo sharing sites, which will in turn link back to your blog and corporate website. Read our blogging tips for more information.

Company Facebook Page

Your corporate Facebook or Google+ page is where most of your company’s fans, friends, and followers are likely to spend time with your brand, and should therefore be a key component of your social media marketing strategy. Your Facebook account can be used in many ways to engage others, including:

  • Invitations to your happenings via Facebook “Events”
  • Displaying posts automatically received from your blog
  • Special offers for your fans
  • Using “Facebook Connect” to allow shoppers on your website to share information about your products with their Facebook friends
  • Creating highly targeted Facebook ads to reach potential new customers

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Company Twitter Account

Automatically push “tweets” from your blog to your company’s Twitter account, where they will be broadcast to your Twitter followers, ideally with links back to your website and other social media.

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Company YouTube Channel

Use your YouTube channel to upload videos of company events, customer updates, commercials, or anything else of interest. Post these videos on your blog, include them on your company’s Facebook page, and “tweet” about them to your Twitter followers. Don’t neglect this opportunity to boost your social media marketing campaigns.

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Photo-Sharing Account

Flickr and other photo sharing sites allow you to post and tag photos for your company where they can be found by your followers and by search engines. Don’t neglect this opportunity to extend your social media marketing reach.

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Alan Robezzoli delivered a presentation on the role of social media and search engine optimization in advertising to the senior level Marketing class I teach on the Penn State Berks campus. Alan demonstrated that he is a true expert on the topic. His presentation was creative, insightful, and filled with valuable strategies and techniques for effective advertising through social media. Alan brought great value into my classroom; clearly he has tremendous value to deliver to his clients too.

~ Jim Shankweiler, Management Consultant, Educator


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