Web Marketing – Are You Thinking Big and Executing, or Holding Back?

The Struggle to Focus on What Matters Most

My business is web design, web marketing, and social media marketing – what’s yours?  Whatever your business, virtually every entrepreneur struggles with setting priorities, and focusing time, energy, and stamina on the really big things that have the potential to rocket the business forward on an explosive growth path.  So little time, so much potential.  Alex Golyfayn nails the struggle and offers inspiring advice in his excellent post-entitled How to Think Big in Business (see link at end of this article).

What Are Your Roadblocks to Thinking Big?

Think big - contact PMI for your web design, web marketing, or social media marketing needs. Located near Reading, PA in Berks County. Serving Philadelphia, Reading, Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, Allentown, Bethlehem, Pittsburgh, Erie, and State College Pennsylvania and beyond.What are your enemies or roadblocks to thinking big? Alex identifies them as fear, caution, politics, and perfection. Make it a point to identify your personal roadblocks and then to get beyond them and to start focusing on what it takes to move ahead.

Big Thinkers Have a System for Creating New Ideas – What’s Yours?

According to Alex, big thinkers systematically create new ideas using a process that works for them. Do you have a systematic way of creating new ideas? Here’s one that works for me: make some creative time by sitting down at your kitchen table or office with a blank tablet and pen, and nothing else on your table or desk. Think about what it will take to make a major change with the potential to catapult your business forward. Write down your ideas, and then write down the steps need to make them happen. Do this every week, monitoring your progress and generating new ideas. Creativity can flourish when distractions are removed and you give yourself permission to spend some time just thinking.

Too pressured to take the time away from the relentless crush of the daily demands? Try getting up early, staying up late, or whatever it takes to carve out some guilt-free creative time for you, your tablet and pen, and a cup of coffee or glass of wine – whatever it takes to set time apart – creative time. That’s why you became an entrepreneur, right? You have a passion for getting things done, for making a difference, and for cutting through the things that waste time. You have a vision – so why not take the time to nurture it at least weekly?

How to Think Big

Alex identifies 5 keys to thinking big: burn your baggage, give yourself a place to think, execute when you’re “almost ready”, start often, and get a reality check. Curious? For the full post, click here.

What are your methods for thinking big and then executing? I’d love to hear about it.

The Secret to Social Media Marketing Success

Are You Exhausted by the Social Media Marketing Gold Rush?

Let’s face it, marketers and business owners can easily spend countless hours engaging in social media marketing in an effort to gain website traffic, leads, and new customers. Social media marketing has become the new gold rush, with many rushing in, but few striking gold.

Social media marketing gold rush | Reading, PA, Philadelphia, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Allentown, Bethlehem, PennsylvaniaWith countless social media options in play, constant changes and refinements to core channels like Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn, and with significant new offerings like Google+, keeping up with social media marketing can seem a truly daunting task. That’s why every marketer and business owner needs a clear social media strategy designed to make every hour count toward achieving real results.

Focus or Go Unseen

If you are a results-oriented marketer, then you should embrace the idea of focusing your social media marketing resources on a small group of key social media channels before moving on to other channels.  The goal is to reach a tipping point of placing well-crafted social media content in these key channels before moving forward into other channels. Without this focus, many a marketer will be doomed to mediocre (or worse) performance due to spreading their social media content too thinly.

How to Focus Your Social Media Marketing Plan

Here’s a practical formula for business owners and marketers to follow if they are willing to devote at least six hours per week to developing social media content:

  1. Identify the keywords used to find your types of products and services (based on actual national or global search statistics).
  2. Rank your keywords in terms of traffic or opportunity.
  3. Brainstorm to develop a series of blogging topics associated with each keyword.
  4. Create a blog and imbed it into your website (or make it a sub-domain of your website to insure the search engine ranking benefits of your blog are shared by your website).
  5. Write a blog post twice a week, focusing the content of each post on one keyword, and containing at least 200 words per post. Tag each post with the relevant keywords.
  6. Link to your posts on your company Facebook page and Twitter feed.
  7. Create a YouTube channel, and learn to create short, informal (unpolished) videos using a FlipCam or other simple video camera, again, focused on your keywords, and tagged with your keywords. Link to your videos in Facebook posts and on your Twitter feed.
  8. Consider using Facebook ads to build your fan base.

What Did I Miss?

You may be wondering why Google+ is not listed above, or alternate video channels like Vimeo, or other relevant social media marketing channels. Again, our goal is to focus on the most influential media first in an effort to reach that tipping point.  As of this writing, Facebook has surpassed 800 million users, and Google+ has over 90 million, and growing rapidly. Focusing on the above list FIRST leverages the 80/20 rule to ensure success with the 80% before moving on to the 20%. Once completed, you will be well-positioned to move on to Google+ and other important social media channels.

We’re Here if You Need Us

Need help in developing and executing a solid social media marketing plan? If so, check out our video for more information on how we can partner with you to achieve social media success.