Reading PA Web Design Firm Awarded HubSpot Certification

Power Marketing International LLC, a web marketing, social media marketing, and web design firm located near Reading PA, has been designated an “Official Partner” by HubSpot.  This designation certifies PMI as having mastered HubSpot’s state-of-the-art website design and online marketing software platform.

HubSpot Certified Partner status awarded to Reading PA Web Design and Marketing Firm PMI“HubSpot’s ‘Certified Partner’ status enables us to offer our clients an incredibly powerful yet cost-effective way to grow their businesses online,” said PMI founder and President, Alan Robezzoli.  “Marketing-savvy websites integrated with high-power web and social media campaigns are now within reach for small to mid-sized business. It’s an amazing field-leveling opportunity for smaller businesses to go toe-to-toe with their larger rivals using the latest web design and online marketing tools and techniques. Not only that, but the system easily scales with the business as it grows, up through the enterprise level capable of supporting online marketing and lead-nurturing campaigns for the largest companies.”

Available features of websites designed by Power Marketing International using the HubSpot system include:

  • Content Management: spanning the full website design
  • Mobile Device Formatting: websites designed to forWeb design and Internet marketing to level the playing field | Reading, PA, Lancaster, Allentown, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, York, Pennsylvaniamat and navigate easily on smaller mobile devices
  • Blogging: powerful blogging software that coaches the writer in creating keyword-driven blog posts to improve search engine traffic (SEO)
  • Social Media Publishing: automated publishing of blog posts to social media channels, plus tracking & analysis of website traffic from social media
  • Landing Pages: custom website landing pages designed with calls to action for advertising campaigns, social media campaigns, and special offers
  • Lead Capture: automatic lead capturing for website visitors coupled with return-visit reporting
  • Lead-Nurturing Email Campaigns: send an automated series of emails to nurture leads and convert them to customers
  • Marketing Analytics: user-friendly reporting to analyze website visits & activities related to social media campaigns, email campaigns, and both online & offline marketing campaigns
  • Competitor Analysis: website performance analytics and competitor analysis for designated keywords
  • Link Management: tracking & management of incoming links from other websites for purpose of improving traffic (SEO) and developing an online marketing strategy

About Power Marketing International, LLC

Power Marketing International is an Internet marketing & web design firm located near Reading, PA, specializing in keyword-driven web design, web marketing, and social media marketing services for small and mid-sized companies. PMI offers a free, no-obligation initial consultation to qualified customers.

About HubSpot

HubSpot, Inc. offers an all-in-one website design and marketing software platform that has helped more than 5,000 companies in 34 countries increase the number of visitors to their websites and convert more of those visitors to leads and customers. HubSpot, Inc. was founded in 2006 and is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Find them at

Search Engine Optimization – What Every Business Owner Should Know

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, may be defined as the set of methods and techniques used to make a website more “attractive” to search engines like Google and Bing, resulting in more traffic to the website from these search engines.

SEO firm serving Reading PA, Philadelphia, Allentown, Bethlehem, Harrisburg, Lancaster, York, Pennsylvania, search engine optimization

The Higher Up the Better

Simply put, the goal of SEO is to appear as high up on page one of the search engine results page (SERP) as possible.  There are 10 natural (unpaid) search engine results displayed per page.  As you would expect, the closer to position #1 your website appears, the greater the traffic to your website. In fact, traffic drops off very quickly from position #1 to #5, and by the time we reach position #10, the traffic benefits are minimal.  The percentage of traffic from page 2 and beyond is virtually nil, so if your business fails to appear on page 1, it is almost invisible to people seeking your types of products and services online.

Keywords and Links

At the most fundamental level, there are two critical factors to achieving strong SEO: the proper use of keywords, and the quality and quantity of incoming links to the website from other websites.  Beyond that there are dozens of lesser factors that relate to or reinforce these 2 key goals.

Links: Strength Matters

What helps more, having 5 low-level (weak) websites linking to your site, or one high-level website linking to your site?  A single high-level website will have the greater impact on search engine optimization because search engines regard a link from a popular website as a vote of confidence in your website.  Having lots of strong incoming links is roughly half the battle in terms of achieving positive search results. In other words, having strong incoming links allows your website to ride on the coattails of the influential websites linking to your site. On the other hand, links from weak websites have little or sometimes even no SEO value.

Keywords: Do the Research, Then Build Your Pages

Do you know the keywords your potential customers are likely to type into search engines when seeking your types of products or services?  You may think you know, but why guess when you can find out for sure? An SEO expert can perform the research to establish how often various keyword phrases or “search strings” are used in a typical month.  Armed with this knowledge, you are then well positioned to design each web page using the most popular keywords.  Your SEO expert knows the many factors required to optimize your keyword usage within the page, including how frequently to use the keywords, where to place them on the page, and other factors.

How Much of a Difference Can SEO Make?

A big difference! For example, by following these 2 primary principles along with other SEO techniques, American Insuring Group, an insurance agency located near Reading, PA, achieved 171 page-one Google rankings within a week of going live with their new website.  They immediately began receiving inquiries from new leads in areas far beyond their previous service area. For more information on their search engine optimization results, see their press release.

Are you satisfied with the amount of traffic and new leads coming to your website? At Power Marketing International, a web design and Internet marketing firm located near Reading, PA, and serving Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Allentown, Bethlehem, and York, PA, we take the time to do SEO right. We offer a free initial SEO consultation, and we’re here if you need us: (484) 297-6395.