Web Design Goal #1: Make It Stop Hurting

This post is the first in a series on helping small business owners craft a smart web design plan that ties into their larger online marketing plan.  The series uses PMI’s Hierarchy of Web Design EffectivenessTM as a framework for understanding the options in designing a website and tying it into a larger web marketing and overall marketing plan.


Website design firm Reading PA in Berks County - Design tip #1Goal #1 is labeled “Make It Stop Hurting”, and corresponds to the “Safety” level in the Hierarchy of Web Design EffectivenessTM.

Many small businesses so badly miss the mark when it comes to creating a website to market their products and services. The results are painful to view, embarrassing to the owner, and harmful to the business.

We’ve all seen it — poorly written text and headlines, terrible navigation and information flow, and home pages with generic images of skyscrapers and people shaking hands. Rather than building confidence in the eyes of the viewer, the website is a letdown, and an experience that drives customers away instead of encouraging them to delve further.

DIY Website Design = Trouble

How do business owners get themselves in this awful predicament? Often out of concern for cash flow, they mistakenly fall prey to do-it-yourself website offers, or use an inexperienced, low-cost web developer lacking marketing and advertising skills.  The result? A website that harms the company’s credibility, and turns off potential customers seeking a company or brand they can trust.

Web Design Done Right

The solution to satisfying Web Design Goal #1 is to engage a web development firm with the background and expertise needed to create a website that is attractive, appropriate for the type of business, and uses a professional copywriter to compose and arrange the text, titles, and subtitles in a manner that properly presents the product or service in a good light.


In our next installment we’ll explore Web Design Goal #2:  R-E-S-P-E-C-T (you guessed it, I’ll tell you what it means to me).

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