WordPress for D-I-Y Web Design Success

WordPress web design for Reading, PA, Berks County, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Allentown, LancasterYou have a great idea.

It is the next great widget for consumers or the next much-needed service for businesses.

If you are the typical entrepreneur, you know the importance of building a persuasive website to communicate your new venture to the market.  Your initial target audience will most likely not be the general public.  It will be the innovators, the people who are first to buy-in to an idea.  These individuals will be more focused on identifying your mission, business objectives, differentiators, niche, solutions, and execution strategy than will be those who are in the critical mass of the public who will follow later.

From Business Plan to Website

Your initial website audience will be, essentially, a reflection of your business plan.

Web design can be a daunting process for the uninitiated. By some reports, WordPress is now used to create approximately 20% of all new websites. Many entrepreneurs choose WordPress because of how intuitive the software can be for non-technical entrepreneurs.  The WordPress content management system (CMS) is also popular due to how quickly it can be installed.  Within a relatively short time, you can begin uploading content into your new WordPress website.

Plugins for Power and Versatility

There are thousands of plugins (mini-programs) that perform specific tasks that can be installed in WordPress to add power and versatility to your website.  There are plugins that enable you to require user access in order to view the website.  This is ideal for a website in development stage, enabling you to complete what will become your live website without the public being able to view it.

Another feature of WordPress is the customizable menu structure.  You can create a new page and add that page to your custom menu quickly. WordPress enables you to easily rearrange your menus and submenus as you contemplate the order of priority in the message you convey to the reader.

Key Points for Key Pages

Using the features discussed above, consider creating pages to help you in your business planning process.  Type notes on each page as you brainstorm.  Create a page for each:

  • Target market
  • Product or service
  • Geographic market
  • Call to action
  • Customer benefit
  • Niche differentiator
  • Marketing message
  • Operational function

After you have completed the initial process, go back through the pages again and add detail.  For example, if you have identified women aged 30-40 as a target market, you can include research about their buying habits and preferences.  The built-in word processing functions of WordPress make it easy to generate formatted and grammar-corrected final copy.

One of the advantages to this approach is that, after you have copied the text to a word processing document for use as a business plan, you have solid content to apply to your website.  Simply remove the proprietary information you don’t want the public to see, add graphics and photos, remove the user access restriction, and you have a content-rich website that is ready to address the questions of the innovators within your initial market.

For Even Better Web Design Results

Need even better results? Budget for a professional web designer and SEO expert to create or enhance your new website with great graphics, persuasive copy, and keyword-rich text to attract search engine traffic, and to help convert visitors to new leads and new customers.

Need help with your web design process? Contact us today for a free initial consultation for qualified customers.

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