10 Tips for Email Marketing Success

Grow your business with email marketing services for Reading, PA, Berks County, Lancaster, Lebanon, Hershey, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Allentown, Pennsylvania and beyondIf you’re looking to grow your business (and you are, right?), then don’t overlook the considerable benefits of email marketing.

While a persuasive website is indispensable, and social media can be effective, a well-crafted email campaign is a proven tool for increasing awareness of your goods and services, growing sales, and building a loyal customer base. Email marketing may not be new or sexy, but it can be very cost-effective and has a much better click-through rate than many other types of online marketing.

Here are 10 tips for using email as a powerful marketing tool

1. Develop a good email list

Many business websites offer free giveaways, samples, and product updates by asking visitors to subscribe. Within a few months, a productive website can build a client list that can be utilized to execute your email marketing strategy. Lists that include names of past or prospective customers also can be purchased through listing services.

2. Test your list
Send an intial update or promote an upcoming sale to see how many addresses bounce. Remove the bad ones to get an idea of how many readers will actually receive your email marketing messages.

3. Create an email hook
Use a catchy title featuring an attractive aspect of your products or services, such as price, quality, service, etc. Keep the title short – preferably no more than five words. Avoid words that may be associated with spam and therefore eliminated by spam filters. Included in this list are variations of words such as “free,” “cheap,” “bonus,” and similar words. Instead, use words that are less likely to raise a red flag in your email marketing subject lines.

4. Keep your email message brief and focused 
Keep in mind that Web copywriting differs from letter-writing or print advertising. Web information for email marketing purposes should be very compact and concise, averaging the length of a medium-sized paragraph, perhaps 3-5 sentences.

5. Use keywords in your email subject line
Whatever aspect of the business your email message is promoting, mention it at the beginning and again near the end of the message. This can be a product or service name, or a specific feature you wish to emphasize in your email marketing presentation.

6. Write in the second person
While using “you” may establish a connection with the reader, it’s better not to use “you”  in your email marketing message. Second person can be implied rather than stated.

Example: You can stop by our convenient location at…

Change to: Stop by our convenient location at…

7. Avoid repetition and redundancies

Rather than repeating the same idea for emphasis, state it once and move to the next point. Online readers have little patience for a rambling style. Keep it short and sweet.

8. Clearly explain advantages and key points
Why should they buy a particular product or service? How will it improve their lives? How does it surpass the competition? Prepare to succinctly address points like these to encourage the reader to take the next step.

9. Hunt down and remove all errors
Proofread every message multiple times before sending, and have someone other than the writer proofread them as well. First impressions are lasting, especially errors.

10. Be creative in finding ways to use email marketing
Use email marketing for sales events, changes in inventory, holiday discounts, and other occasions. Schedule your messages to arrive around the same time of day or the same day of the week to show consistency.

By establishing a consistent and positive email marketing experience with current and prospective customers, you will be building trust and projecting an image of competence and reliability. When readers decide to buy a service or product like yours, your company will be the one that comes to mind.

Need help in developing a smart and cost-effective email strategy? Contact us for a free consultation.

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