Google+ or Facebook: Which is Better for Social Media Marketing?

Apples and Oranges?

When it comes to marketing, it’s been said that comparing Google Plus to Facebook is like comparing apples to oranges. Both are powerful tools, and both can be used in very different ways – so if you want to promote your business online and are already fluid in social networks like Facebook, but aren’t yet active on Google Plus, then maybe it’s time to take a closer look at Google Plus.

Why? Because Google Plus is a worthwhile and powerful marketing tool that you can’t really afford to ignore. I have many colleagues and clients who aren’t yet convinced, and stick with what they know (Facebook). However, there are many advantages to using both Facebook and Google Plus.

Social media marketing tips: compare benefits of Google Plus vs. FacebookIntroducing Google Plus

When Google Plus first came onto the scene, the Google Plus One button was initially compared to the Facebook ‘like’ button, which gave the impression that Google Plus was just like another version of Facebook. And not only that, but Facebook Fan Pages have also been compared to Google Plus Business Pages.

Currently, many businesses spend up to thousands of dollars on Facebook promotion and advertising, and many of the companies which provide Facebook marketing and social media marketing do not offer the same services when it comes to Google Plus.

This has put Google Plus in the dark for many business owners who have been led to believe that Google Plus is not a worthwhile marketing or commercial platform.

The great advantage of Google Plus is that it’s so much more than just a social platform – it’s a part of Google, and can impact your search results on If you think of Facebook as straightforward, black and white, then Google Plus will introduce an entire rainbow of colourful tools to your marketing strategies. Here’s why:

Integrated Across Google Products

Google Plus is heavily integrated with a range of products, such as Google Search, Google Reader, Google Docs, YouTube, Picassa and much more. It also has direct integration with Google Chat and Google Voice. The net effect is the ability to leverage your efforts across more channels.

Google Plus and YouTube are also in the process of integrating, with Google Plus comments for YouTube videos – great if like me, you’re currently marketing with video, as Google Plus provides another platform to get more views and traffic to your website.

Google Plus Hangouts

What are Hangouts, you ask? Google Plus hangouts can be a powerful tool for meeting new people, joining discussions, or participate in live social interactions. Think of a hangout as similar to going to a dinner party – you can make personal connections and new contacts from the comfort of your own computer, and you can use hangouts in a variety of interactive ways.

Google Plus Circles

Unlike Facebook, Google Plus utilizes a one-sided action where you can add people to your circles. In turn, they can add you to theirs. In a case of internet imitating life, you can create your own circles according to friends, family, business, or interests. You can then easily share information with one circle without the other one knowing.

Extra Visibility in Google Social Search

The more you use Google Plus, the more potential impact, reach, and visibility you’ll have your Google Plus posts on Google Search Your World – or GSYW (Google Personal Social Search).


In terms of business, Google Plus can provide you with additional reach, visibility and potential contacts. Facebook is optimized for friends. Google Plus offers many advantages for business.

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