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Quickly Deliver Your Message With Our Powerful Approach to Internet Marketing!

Use our Web Marketing services when you need to quickly reach your audience with a targeted message. Using a combination of Email Marketing, pay-per-click Search Engine Marketing, Online Press Releases, Mobile Media Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization we can deliver a well-honed, highly targeted message while tightly controlling the offer, the call to action, and the landing pages your customers see. These techniques are especially helpful when your window of opportunity is narrow, and timing is critical.

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Video: 4 Tips for an Effective Online Marketing Strategy

Watch Video Below for Strategies on When to Use Social Media Marketing Vs. Web Marketing for Maximum Sales Impact

In this video, Mike Sutton of Mobilitechs interviews PMI president, Alan Robezzoli, regarding how to know when to apply social media marketing vs. web marketing. Learn the benefits of each and how to use the “sales funnel” concept to decide which type of marketing approach to use and when. Watch this brief must-see video, then contact us if you have questions or would like to discuss how we can help grow and market your business using our unique, cost-saving approach. See info below video to learn more …

Web Marketing Services by Category


The backbone of every effective Web Marketing campaign!

We offer scalable copywriting services ranging from basic small business plans to services designed to meet the needs of larger firms.Our copywriting skills will enhance your image while extending the commercial impact of your web marketing efforts including Web pages, broadcast emails, online ads, press releases, blogs, Facebook pages, and other social media marketing campaigns.

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Shout it out – your business is on the move!

Let us design a high-impact online press release to kick-start your Web Marketing efforts by drawing attention to your business while increasing your search engine rankings, and leading more customers to your website, blog, or other social media platform. A press release is a great way to showcase your latest offerings and new developments, and to get news media channels to re-broadcast your story!


Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective forms of Web Marketing and advertising in general!

Our email strategies are both compelling and results-oriented, and capable of yielding high click-through rates and very significant sales. Results vary depending on the quality of your email list and other factors.

Let us help you develop a high-quality email list and execute a winning email marketing strategy that can be used to grow sales while developing loyal repeat customers.

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Take advantage of this growing Web Marketing trend and get ahead of the competition!

Mobile media are increasing in popularity at an astounding rate. Smart phones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices are becoming the norm, allowing you to reach customers wherever they may be located. We can create a MOBILE version of your website and design a mobile media Web Marketing campaign to reach current and potential customers on the go!

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Quickly take your message direct to potential customers with Search Engine Marketing!

Let PMI optimize your search engine marketing campaign using highly targeted keywords filtered to your target audience. We’ll manage your pay-per-click (PPC) and pay-per-impression Web Marketing and advertising campaign, applying daily spending limits to keep you on budget. Using analytical software tools, we will track, analyze, and continually refine our Search Engine Marketing strategy over time, ensuring an ever-increasing return on your investment.


Continuously improve your organic / natural search results with SEO, a vital aspect of successful Web Marketing!

Let our experts solve the SEO puzzle by fine-tuning your website to improve your search engine rankings, resulting in greater traffic and sales. Many factors contribute to improved search rankings. We stand ready to help grow your business by periodically tuning your search engine optimization strategy by refining your website content to help your offerings appear higher in search engine rankings.

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Search Engine Optimization & Other Key Aspects of a Smart Online Marketing Strategy

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