Smart Web Marketing: Find Out What Your Customers Think

Smart web marketing by finding out what your customers think. From PMI, serving Reading, PA, Philadelphia, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Allentown, Bethlehem, York, Lebanon, Pennsylvania and beyond with services to develop your online marketing strategy.If you’ve been trying to improve your company’s web marketing, you might have run into this familiar problem: You end a blog post with a call to action like “What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below!” And more often then not, when you check the comments… crickets. Or even worse, there are one or two comments that are clearly spam!

This doesn’t necessarily mean that no one is reading the blog, it just means that for many people leaving a comment is a chore. They have to think of something worthwhile to say, and then  communicate it clearly and succinctly. They may even have to share their email address or sign up as a user for the site. These are all annoying roadblocks that many people will not bother overcoming just to leave a comment, especially if you don’t already have an active community of commenters.

Getting readers to engage with your content is one of the pillars of successful web marketing, but if you can’t get people to comment, how else can you find out their opinions?

Enter the Poll

One easy way to find out what your customers think is embedding a poll at the end of your post, like this one:

Polls are a no-friction way for your readers to share their opinion. They don’t have to worry about phrasing, having their email address sold to spammers, or being lost in some user registration process.

Granted, you may not be interested in what your readers think about french fries, but polls can also be used to find out useful information like:

  • which new product features your users are interested in
  • which city you should target for your next event
  • what new t-shirt design or other apparel design your readers like best

If you are looking to gather opinions from your readers quickly, polls are an incredibly easy method of going about it.

Polling Options

For the poll above, I used Polar. The ability to easily upload an image for each response option is possibly the best unique feature of Polar, but it also offers easy color customization and automatic resizing for desktop, mobile, and tablets.

To start using Polar, simply sign up for a free account on their website. You can start creating polls right away. Once your poll is created, follow their simple instructions for embedding the poll on your site.

Another polling option is PollDaddy. While Polar is geared towards quickly assessing the thoughts of your users, PollDaddy seems designed to collect lots of data. Their plans range from free to $899/year. They also enable you to collect multiple answers in the form of surveys.

For the purpose of quickly embedding a poll at the end of your blog post (or even for posting on your company’s Facebook or Twitter account), Polar earns our recommendation.

What’s Next?

If you found this useful and are interested in learning more about how web design, online marketing, or social media marketing can help your business, contact Power Marketing International for a FREE consultation. We’re always happy to discuss how we can help your business achieve superior results.


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