Social Media Marketing Tip: Ride the Coattails of Popular Bloggers

An Inbound Marketing / Social Media Marketing Parable

Imagine you are visiting a county fair in the heat of the summer.

Walking with your refreshing cup of lemonade, you hear someone talking over the loudspeaker.  You take a look and there is a crowd gathered around a stage, listening to someone speaking.

How to leverage popular bloggers to enhance your social media marketing strategy. Serving Reading, PA, Philadelphia, Allentown, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Harrisburg and beyond.Now, imagine every one of the people in the crowd is someone in your target market.  You would love to have the same kind of attention from these people that the speaker is enjoying.

What is the logical question that comes to mind?

What is this person saying that has this crowd so interested?

You would be foolish not to walk over and join the assembly to hear what the speaker is talking about.  It is a tremendous opportunity to strike up a conversation with individuals in the crowd.  Create a conversation around the speaker’s message and add your own insights.  Tell them how you can help them, and invite them to stop by your office.  This is also a wonderful opportunity to answer questions posed by the speaker, thereby revealing your expertise to the crowd.

What’s the Lesson for Your Social Media Strategy?

If this is true in our little parable, it can also be applied to our inbound marketing and social media marketing strategy.  There are bloggers in your industry who your customers and potential customers are following and reading. How can you ride their coattails to a more successul marketing strategy?

Increase Your Social Media Marketing Effectiveness by Learning and Applying the Following:


  • Who are the popular bloggers in your industry?
  • What are their website addresses?
  • What are they writing about?  What topics are they not writing about?
  • How often do they publish?
  • How many fans or followers do they have?
  • How frequently do people comment on their articles?
  • What do the comments reveal about the concerns and knowledge of the readers of the blog?
  • Are any of the bloggers local?  (Is there an opportunity for you to become the local expert?)
  • How can you add comments to the blog posts in a way that enhances your reputation?
  • Can you contact the blogger and recommend a mutually beneficial connection?
  • Does the blogger have more expertise and experience than you?  How can you strengthen your knowledge and expertise?
  • Are you a fan of the blogger’s social media pages? Did you subscribe to his or her blog so you know when new content has been posted?


Visit Google Blog Search and take a few minutes to search for blogs in your industry.  Answer the questions above and identify new opportunities to reach out to potential customers in your target market.

Do you have a solid marketing plan for your business? One that combines the best traditional and online marketing techniques to form a smart, cohesive marketing strategy? Contact us to learn how we can help with our unique approach to gaining more leads and more customers for your business. Contact us today.

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