Web Design Goal #2: R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Find Out What it Means to Me.

This post is #2 in our series on developing an intelligent web design strategy linked to your larger online marketing strategy.  The series uses PMI’s Hierarchy of Web Design EffectivenessTM as a framework for the discussion.

Just a Little Bit? OK, Let’s Go for Lots of R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Aretha Franklin may have wanted just a little respect, but when it comes to developing a great website for your business, goal #2 is to generate lots of respect.

Achieving respect encourages potential customers to carefully consider the information and offers you are presenting. It may lead to bookmarking your page, sharing it with others, or possibly and immediate phone call or online sale.

In our Hierarchy, we outline several keys to achieving some respect in the eyes of your visitors. More than “just a little bit.” Let’s go through them in detail.

Design Your Website to be Authoritative, Relevant, and Current (All I need is respect)

Consider ways to make the information on your website appear authoritative and relevant. One way is to quote respected sources in your industry. Another is to supplement the information with graphics that clarify and simplify difficult concepts. Yet another is to provide a drill-down function allowing those who want to know more to get the details on sub-pages or blog posts. In other words, it’s all about convincing them that you are providing authoritative information that is relevant to their needs.  Doing so frequently in the form of regular blog posts or updates to your web pages helps make the information appear current, and therefore more relevant.

Provide Helpful, Insightful Information (I ain’t gonna do you wrong)

Many SEO experts stress the benefits of frequent blog posts and web site updates on your search enging rankings. While this is certainly true, never do so at the expense of providing truly helpful and insightful information. Better to post less often but to make every post count, than to focus on quantity. Why? Because we’re all overloaded with too much information. Reward your visitors by giving them information they can really use. They’ll reward you by taking you more seriously, giving you their business, and returning to your site.

Elevate Your Brand or Company Image (sock it to me!)

Consider the cumulative impact that a well-organized, visually attractive, authoritative, and easy-to-navigate website can have on your brand or company image for those who go to your website. Then hire a talented web design and marketing firm capable of understanding your market to help make it a reality.

What’s Next?

In our next installment, we’ll cover web design goal #3: BELONGING – I.e., showing up at the party, and being a player on the search engines. Stay tuned.

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